Our Mission

Connecting a web3 infrastructure that connects 185 million farms to virtual communities and resources

Our Vision

Evangelizing the future of farming by assuring the legacy and financial independence of farmers in metafarms

Our Story

Our common desire to marry the best of web3 & farming



Developing the next evolution of social networking while addressing ESG concerns



Active track record working to solve disparities in farming ecosystem with Agritech

Gamification with Real-world impact

  • Connecting Consumers to Farmers
  • Educating Consumers about Farming Attributes
  • Encourage Farmers to Improve Ecosystem
  • Both Consumers & Farmers Play to Earn
  • Gamifying Real-World Farm Applications
  • Consumer-Funded Farming Ecosystem

Asset-backed NFTs and Marketplace

  • NFTs Backed by Livestock & Cash Crops
  • Proceeds Fund Farming Ecosystem
  • Healthy Yield Generated by Livestock & Cash Crops
  • Promote Ecosystem Reliability
  • Build Food and Farming Families & Improving Lives
  • Low-Carbon Farming-Based NFTs

Community Commitment

Disaster Relief

Our Partners

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